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Services - Acne Treatment

Acne can be treated effectively through the understanding of different skin types, eliminating causative factors, oil and clogs controlling skincare, oral medications and fractional lasers. 

Dr Ng follows Fitzpatrick classification system to assess patient's skin prior to treatment. Acne patients are treated according to their skin sensitivity and reactivity with fractional lasers.

Most common problem of acne arises from improper cleansing, late nights and prolonged sun exposure, usage of moisturisers and frequent travelling.

Patients skincare usage are adjusted to reduce acne infection. Further assessments may indicate the need for oral medication, green laser or fractional laser treatments.

Type 2 skin typically will need less skincare usage and more light treatment.

Type 5 skin type will need rigorous use of strong facial wash, alcoholic toner, alpha hydroxy acid cream and fractional lasers.

Our aim is to use machines to control acne infection rather than oral medications.

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